Clinical Development

As therapeutics development becomes increasingly complex and rigorous, a key strategy is to partner with a CRO that offers sound knowledge of the clinical development process and which has fundamental, hands-on, broad-range therapeutic experience. With a management team of industry-experienced, specialist-trained physicians, GreenLight Clinical provides a unique combination of practice insight and the resources of an established clinical network. These qualities underpin our track record of successful clinical trials and can similarly advance the development of your prospective therapeutic.

GreenLight Clinical has managed and completed over 40 clinical studies and enrolled thousands of patients into Phase I, II and III trials for drug and device registration around the world. With particular strengths in developing sites in the Asia-Pacific region, our networks, clinical protocols and management have consistently generated accurate and reliable data to support regulatory approvals, both in the Australia and around the world.

Having been both trial investigators and industry executives, our management staff has extensive ophthalmic drug development experience, specifically in the areas of dry eye, allergy, glaucoma, and in anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and retinal ophthalmic treatments. Beyond this, GreenLight Clinical has overseen studies across a diverse range of therapeutic indications.

GreenLight Clinical Trials by Therapeutic Area

Clinical Services

GreenLight Clinical offers clients the benefit of our experience conducting trials for the pharmaceuticals, biotech and device sectors, and across all clinical development phases. Whether your study is a single-dose, placebo-controlled clinical trial, a rescue study, or even a device or diagnostic trial, GreenLight Clinical can tailor an approach to fit your specific project needs. We provide customised Phase I through IV clinical development services internationally, across multiple therapeutic areas including a notable depth in ophthalmology, oncology, CNS, cardiovascular, and endocrine indications.

Moreover, GreenLight Clinical’s allied services – such as on-site staff training – facilitate trial efficiency and completion while ensuring high standards and levels of quality control are maintained throughout. We believe our flexible service platform and in-house expertise can deliver timely, targeted clinical evaluations of prospective products.

Clinical Trial Experience

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