Technology-Driven Patient Recruitment: Smarter, Faster and Cost-Effective

GreenLight Clinical is one of the most experienced clinical site management organisations, with a proven record in patient recruitment for Phase I to IV clinical trials. We can help your company enrol clinical trial participants rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively, using best-practice marketing strategies and our next-generation digital approaches such as Internet mapping.

Digitally geo-target trial candidates

trials-costs-per-patient-roundedGreenLight Clinical utilises a proprietary process to quickly geo-target, identify, and then attract specific patient populations. By directly focusing on people who are both searching the Internet for medical specialists and treatments in their area and researching diagnoses, symptoms, conditions and disease progression, we access an already engaged and responsive cohort. This approach enables the location and enrolment of clinical trial candidates quickly, and more efficiently and affordably than traditional mass media efforts.

Using Internet mapping to rapidly match potential subjects to specific trial sites has overwhelming benefits, saving time and money. It’s no secret that the faster you recruit suitable trial subjects, the sooner you complete your studies. Decreasing the recruitment timeline in this way and quickly moving through trial Phases provides savings that can be better used in product R&D or market rollout.

Coordinated programs industry-wide

GreenLight Clinical’s coordinated clinical trial marketing, promotions and patient recruitment strategies generate rapid outcomes. Instead of expensive mass media methods, like TV and newspaper advertising, all our programs are Internet-based, fully effective and yield a high return on investment. Let us show you what we’ve achieved across the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device landscapes, and in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Reduce recruitment time • Reduce recruitment costs • Quickly reach suitable candidates