In-House Essential GCP Training

Course Overview

The in-house essential GCP (Good Clinical Practice) training course covers two full days and is designed so that participants gain core practical knowledge from highly experienced research coordinators. The sessions are structured for participants to acquire useful techniques, tools and strategies that can, in turn, be applied at their centre.

Course Highlights

Day 1  With a focus on the fundamentals of conducting clinical research, topics to be covered include:

  • Research type and applicable regulations
  • Understanding protocols and sourcing necessary information
  • Recruiting participants and enacting informed consent
  • Planning study visits
  • Working with source documents
  • Managing investigational product and laboratory data
  • Safety reporting and roles of key personnel
  • Proven study tools

Day 2  Attendees will engage in hands-on problem solving. Drawing on the experience of our Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) and other attendees, strategies and contingency planning for a series of clinical challenges are addressed. Topics to be covered include:

  • Boosting recruitment and retention
  • Consent in special participant populations
  • Reporting and audits
  • Study design and methodology
  • Improving your organisational skills

Who Should Attend

  • New coordinators looking for a structured overview and analysis of study set-up
  • Academic researchers (e.g., PhD students, pharmacy and laboratory staff) interested in coordinating clinical research
  • Current hospital/clinic workers needing practical tools for research coordination
  • Individuals interested in learning about procedures at successful research sites

Entry Criteria

This is an entry level/introductory course. There are no entry criteria for this workshop.

Course Fees (incl. GST) Student – $888.00 Cost per person – $1500.00