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We Help Enable Discoveries That Transforms People’s Lives

In 2015,GreenLight Clinical started operations in Sydney, Australia as a full-service CRO. The founders were a group of contributing executives, including Associate Professor Dr Andrew Chang.

Our purpose was, and continues to be, to simplify processes, build and nurture relationships and partnerships to deliver more safe, effective and efficent clinical trial outcomes.

People are at the centre of everything we do. We value our patients, our teams, our clients & our profession. We focus on delivering consistent results quickly. This helps bring medical services from bench to bedside faster.

We support medical, medicinal and device advancements that make the world a better and safer place.

Why We Are Different

We are physician and clinician-led. Our CEO is actively part of every conversation, study design and client liaison.  Our team, including Dr Meidong Zhu, has led over 50 clinical trials in APAC alone.

Medical science liaisons proactively work with clients to ensure strong investigator engagement and consistent delivery of services across the company including –

  • Identification of KOLs & recruitment sites
  • Conducting site feasibility evaluations
    • Establishing a deep-rooted relationship with clients, PIs & site personnel
  • Effective education on product/protocol to sites & CRAs

Our In-house Medical Advisory Board

We assembled our own Medical Advisory Board. It comprises of highly accredited physicians and scientists. This bolsters our delivery of quality and cutting edge studies worldwide. 

World Class Central Laboratory

Our own central laboratory supports all clinical trial pathology, imaging & diagnostic requirements.   Some basics include:

  • Safety and routine biochemistry / urinanalysis
  • Full capability for PK/PD analysis
  • Consistent experience by avoiding variations between subcontractors
  • Utilising in-house services to drive efficiency, speed & cost reductions

Preclinical Capability

Our preclinical team provides world-class laboratory research to clients at competitive rates, all whilst maintaining QA & Regulatory compliance.

Ethics drive our values and outcomes. We are partnered with research institutes & animal facilities, using unique animal models with welfare and results equally at heart.

Our integrated data & lab management systems are transparent throughout the process.