GreenLight Clinical Central Laboratories Completion – Sydney, Australia

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We are pleased to announce the completion of GreenLight Clinical’s latest central Laboratory in Sydney, Australia. Together with our first central laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand, GreenLight Clinical’s Laboratory services are unique in the industry by providing an international, ‘virtual’ central laboratory environment that can accommodate global clinical trials.

Each of the GreenLight Clinical Laboratories is standardised in the equipment used, methodologies, SOPs, and reference intervals, allowing seamless integration of results across all regions.

The central laboratory services will include the full range of safety testing, specialty testing, and bioanalytical services. Other services include:

Lab testing
• pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics/Bioequivalence
• Histopathology
• Routine and safety analysis
• Advanced diagnostics
• Method development and validation
• Analytical Expertise

Sample management
• Study-specific kit building
• Packaging/labelling
• Quality control
• Kit inventory monitoring
• Planning, tracking and reporting
• Ambient, refrigerated & combination shipping
• Vendor Management
• Global logistics

Data management
• Integrated, single clinical result database
• Standardized reference ranges & units of measure
• Direct integration w/ EDC systems managed in-house
• 21 CFR Part 11 compliant reporting technology

Investigator support
• Real-time query support
• Training
• Multilingual help desk
• Lab manual development and instruction
• Dedicated staff