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GreenLight Clinical is excited and proud to announce the establishment of our Thailand office and Central Laboratory, located in Bangkok’s city centre.

GreenLight Clinical’s services are unique in the industry by providing an in-house ‘virtual’ central laboratory environment that can accommodate harmonised, global clinical trials.  Each of the laboratories are standardised in the equipment used, methodologies, SOPs and reference intervals, allowing seamless integration of results across all regions.  The central laboratory services include the full range of safety testing, specialty testing and bioanalytical services.

GreenLight Clinical’s Thai team includes a group of experienced Analytical Scientists and own Clinical Operations.

We are thrilled to report that the team were able to conduct a free testing services to the local community soon after the laboratory was completed in February.  They engaged with more than 100 people in the local community, carrying out 100 consultations and blood/urine tests before sharing test results with patients and their doctors.

We are extremely proud of the team at GreenLight Clinical’s Thai lab/office and appreciate the generosity of the doctors who took part in this test program.  They dedicated their time and expertise to the local community to help ensure people stay in good health and identify potential diseases before they occur.

GreenLight Clinical’s Clinical Operations Site Manager‍ helped to draw blood samples from all patients.

All 100 participants signed consent forms and their tests were supported by Thailand Laboratory ISO certification.  All results will be kept private and confidential unless they requested to share the information with their own doctors.