At GreenLight Clinical we strongly believe that effective healthcare is enabling – both for individuals and the communities they live in. Translating innovative discoveries, through clinical development, into novel and accessible medical therapies is fundamental to achieving better health outcomes for patients. With our experience in expediting pharmaceutical and biotech product development we are uniquely placed to ensure that the transition from bench to bedside is achieved efficiently.

GreenLight Clinical is physician run, with substantial medical networks and a deliberate focus on maintaining in-house expertise to minimise our reliance on external vendors. A guiding principle is to streamline our practices using innovative real-world data and cutting-edge analytics, supported by the necessary IT systems and personnel. Together with our delivery of client-focused, customised clinical development, we integrate our capabilities with the existing strengths of our partners to achieve smarter, faster results.

With this approach, our mission at GreenLight Clinical is to work with our partners to advance the development of safe, effective medical treatments that improve and save lives and which enhance quality of life and participation amongst patients. In doing so, we guarantee the highest quality and ethical standards in clinical research.

CEO’s Message

“We at GreenLight Clinical are passionate in the delivery of ingenious services that save time and money for our clients, and we are heroic in our ambitions to ensure the health and safety of patients. With a growing global network of operating sites, GreenLight Clinical strives to be a trusted partner in creating a world of safe, effective therapies and medical products.”
It is a great pleasure to welcome you to GreenLight Clinical where we are inspired by the translational nature of clinical research to bring new ideas from the bench to bedside. With a focus on the highest quality data, rigorous safety standards and the most advanced technology the market has to offer, GreenLight Clinical delivers truly unique clinical research services that are being rapidly embraced by a growing list of pharmaceutical partners from around the world.
As a company run by physicians who have all led studies as investigators, we understand the value of consolidating expertise in-house. Accordingly, we employ the skills of talented clinical research professionals within our key service divisions for optimum study conduct flexibility, reduced reliance on external vendors and shorter study times. At present, we are actively involved in both government and industry sponsored studies, as well as investigators-initiated and commercial trials across more than 15 therapeutic areas. Trials range from proof of concept investigations to Phase IV, encompassing evidence-based medicine and epidemiology studies.
GreenLight Clinical offers clients a customised choice from a very broad range of clinical services that are intended to help them complete their clinical trials as quickly and efficiently as possible, while maintaining appropriately high ethical standards and quality control throughout.
Clinical research is the key driver of advancements in medicine today. At GreenLight Clinical we aim to propel these advancements by continually innovating research practice itself. Our capability in analytics and real-world data, supported by state-of-the-art IT systems, allow us to interrogate and streamline the trial process as never before. For our sponsors, this means more focused studies leading to better products that reach needy patients sooner. GreenLight Clinical is proud to be the collaboration partner on such beneficial clinical research projects.
Dr Sasi Suda
President and CEO, GreenLight Clinical

Dr. Sasi Suda initially qualified as a medical doctor in Thailand and Australia, pending her Residency in large University hospitals in Bangkok and Japan and, practicing across a number of disciplines including oncology, neurology, chronic pain, cardiology and general medicine.

In combining her clinical experience and research training, Dr. Suda subsequently worked across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries in Australia, holding key executive and clinical management roles at various global pharmaceutical companies. With over 15 years experience in international clinical project management and medical affairs, Dr. Suda has worked across a range of therapeutic areas – notably in ophthalmology, immunology and oncology – and on significant disease conditions including multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS and diabetes. She has specific expertise in clinical operations planning, investigator recruitment and liaison, site selection and setup, clinical outsourcing, contract negotiation, drug safety management, regulatory submissions, and clinical research training.