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Clinical Research is the key driver of advancements in medicine today. GreenLight Clinical aims to propel these advancements by continually innovating the research practice itself. We are proud to be a collaboration partner on such beneficial clinical research projects.

We put people and their quality of life at the heart of everything we do.

Our team is passionately committed to transforming lives for the better. We believe we’re part of a wider team that, together with you, plays a critical role in life-changing and life-saving treatments for all stages of life.

To ensure we engage effectively with our patients, their advocacy groups and the needs of their caregivers, we have a dedicated team that drives this philosophy across our company. We provide meaningful feedback throughout the patient’s participation in our studies – from protocol design, patient scheduling, transport & payment.

We are ever mindful of the clinical trial impact on our patients & their families. It is important to us to make our patients feel they are valued, respected and looked after at every step of their clinical trial journey.

We believe effective healthcare is empowering, both for individuals and the communities in which they live. Moving innovative discoveries to clinical development and on to real life, on-shelf accessible medical therapies delivers better outcomes for all involved.

Effective healthcare directly supports the world’s overall physical, mental and economic health.

GreenLight Clinical is physician-run. With substantial medical networks and a deliberate focus on maintaining in-house expertise, we minimise our reliance on external vendors. Our expertise accelerates pharmaceutical & biotech product development.

We streamline our practices using innovative, real-world data and cutting-edge analytics, supported by the appropriate IT systems & people. We integrate our complementary capabilities with our partners strengths to achieve smarter, faster results.

As active researchers, we intuitively understand the needs of both sponsors and investigators, as well as the practicalities and limitations of the clinical and regulatory environments. For our clients, we emphasise:

  • Personalised attention & partnership models of engagement
  • Dedicated lines of communication
  • One point of contact for all trial-related issues
  • A skilled study start-up team with over 30 years of experience on global ethics & regulatory processes
  • A project team working within its field of expertise & engages closely with all sites
  • Secure contingency planning & in-house troubleshooting capability independent of third party vendors
  • A passion for success

We take great pride in delivering the highest quality and ethical standards in clinical research across all phases and stages. GreenLight Clinical provides clients a customised offering from a very broad range of clinical services to deliver completed clinical trials as quickly & efficiently as possible.