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An Experienced and Innovative Team

Efficient, well integrated and flexible data management is recognised as a key factor in the overall safety, success and timeliness of clinical trials.

The GreenLight Clinical Data Management team is experienced with a range of validated data systems and has the expertise to incorporate cutting-edge methods and technologies. With a solid foundation in the IT, pharmaceutical and device industries, our team has worked on global trials, meeting the challenge of complex studies conducted to internationally-recognised standards.

For our partners, this translates to the able assessment of study-specific requirements and the implementation of tailored solutions using multiple software applications

“Our experience in Clinical Data Management and our in depth understanding of systems design and solutions development ensures the collection of reliable data, enhances the compliance and conduct of studies and permits accessible monitoring for critical decision making.”

Services include –

  • Study design, development, and validation
  • Data review, cleansing, and reporting
  • Data extraction and post-processing
  • CRF/eCRF design, library development
  • Standardised data models (CDASH)

Integration Solutions –

  • Electronic Data Capture (eDC)
  • Database design, data processing
  • Data imports
  • Reporting and real-time access
  • Randomisation
  • Patient-reported outcomes

Compliance and Quality

  • Data security and rapid access
  • Quality Management System
  • Automatic regulatory compliance (2ICRF Part II compliant systems)

What you can expect

Our range of expertise, global footprint and investment in data and technology means we can provide you with –