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With state of the art facilities and extensive experience in preclinical research, we consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients, with tailored services across the drug and device development pathway.

Our commitment to providing cutting edge data solutions enables our clients to make fast decisions based on robust information, enabling fully informed, rapid decision-making at every stage of product development. 

We can provide clinical development plans, market analysis, regulatory assessment, advice and compliance strategies, design and execution of preclinical studies in numerous models both in-vitro and in-vivo, input into CMC programs and co-ordination of GLP compliant toxicology to enable human clinical trials. 

Our team are committed to you from start to finish, providing relevant, accurate regulatory advice and state-of-the-art study design at inception, executing studies on-time and on-budget, and producing fully compliant reports and documentation to enable timely translation of your research to the clinic. 

Supported by our global central laboratory, we have the capability to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently with ongoing support when you need it.