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GreenLight Clinical has experience in over 150 indications, with a major focus in Ophthalmology and Oncology.

We are equally proud of our demonstrated specialist knowledge in Cell Therapy, Infectious Diseases, Vaccines, and Medical Devices.

With our international footprint and own Central Laboratory, we have demonstrated global capability in developing and established markets.

Our experience

With demonstrated experience and leadership in Ophthalmology, GreenLight Clinical is your partner for leading edge solutions and reducing your time to market.


Physician-led Oncology studies and trials providing practical, strategic and educational leadership in partnership with our clients.


Leading clinical research in antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and vaccine trials through a combined physician-led, central lab supported approach.

Infectious Diseases

Global clinical operations teams supported by international regulatory experts in Neurology/CNS trials.

Neurology / CNS

GreenLight Clinical has extensive global experience in endocrine/metabolic trials including those in emerging markets including difficult to recruit populations.

Endocrine and Metabolic

Full-service capability equipped to manage complex programmes in rare and difficult indications

Rare Disease and Orphan Indication

Putting patients physical and psychological well being at the forefront of all of our dermatalogical studies.


What to Expect

Our range of expertise, global footprint and investment in data and technology means we can provide you with –